Message Of Chairman

Building upon the foundation laid by our late founder, Alhaj Md. Fazlul Haque Hadi, I assume the role of Chairman at Hadi Lands and Development Ltd. We embark on a journey inspired by the legacy of integrity, honesty, and commitment to excellence in the land business. Our vision is clear – to shape the future of land development with unwavering dedication to ethical practices and customer satisfaction. The legacy of “Hadi” signifies guidance on the path of righteousness, a principle we hold dear. Under the guidance of our Managing Director, we have made strides in understanding the intricacies of the land business. Moving forward, our commitment remains unswerving: we pledge to deliver transparent, customer-centric services. Each plot is a trust, a deposit of faith, and we promise to safeguard it with utmost responsibility. As Chairman, I assure you that Hadi Lands and Development Ltd. will stay true to its core values. We will continue our journey of responsible land development, ensuring the prosperity of our plot owners and maintaining the sanctity of the “Hadi” legacy. Thank you for your trust and support.

Juthi Akter
Chairman, Hadi Lands & Development Ltd