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We are one of the promising land developer in bangladesh

Welcome to Hadi Lands and Development Ltd, your gateway to exceptional living in Dhaka.

Explore our ongoing projects, Hadi City in DNCC 44no Ward and Hadi Shapno Nir near Purbachal, both embodying world-class urban planning. As a top real estate and land developer in Bangladesh, we promise excellence in every detail

"Hadi Lands: Where dreams take root, futures blossom, and communities
flourish in the embrace of excellence."


Empowering Dreams, Building Futures – Hadi Lands and Developments Ltd. envisions a future where every individual’s dream home becomes a reality, and our developments stand as beacons of sustainable, thriving communities.


At Hadi Lands and Developments Ltd., we aim to create exceptional living spaces through innovative urban planning, ensuring sustainable development and delivering top-tier real estate solutions that exceed client expectations.


Excellence: We excel in design, construction, and service. Integrity: Upholding ethical standards, we foster trust. Innovation: Embracing creativity, we redefine modern living. Community: Prioritizing well-being, we contribute positively. Customer-Centricity: Placing clients at the core, we ensure satisfaction.

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The main reason I came into the plot business is my “father” whose name is “Alhaj Md. Fazlul Haque Hadi”. I have been involved in my father’s business since 2014. Step by step I launched 13 companies. Sometimes I used to sit and talk with my father. My mother and wife also used to sit. Whenever we sat talking, father used to talk only about land project and said father, I really hope I will do a land project because father’s main partner is land/land business.

My father has been involved in land business long before I was born. My father has contributed a lot in getting many big groups involved in land business. But baba kept away from them as he could not mix with their way of thinking. baba always told me baba my honesty has made me the founder or leader of “Hadi Group of Industries” today. . I could have made a lot of money illegally if I wanted but I didn’t. By my father, never embezzle other people’s money and don’t go after the creditor for his money, you will go after him to pay the creditor’s money. You have to remember that the person who trusts you and gives you money is like a deposit with you. If you Communicating with people will be great.

Rashed Hadi

Managing Director, Hadi Group Of Industries

Juthi Akter

Chairman, Hadi Lands & Development

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Building upon the foundation laid by our late founder, Alhaj Md. Fazlul Haque Hadi, I assume the role of Chairman at Hadi Lands and Development Ltd. We embark on a journey inspired by the legacy of integrity, honesty, and commitment to excellence in the land business.

Our vision is clear – to shape the future of land development with unwavering dedication to ethical practices and customer satisfaction. The legacy of “Hadi” signifies guidance on the path of righteousness, a principle we hold dear.